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Who is Devon de Numbre (he/him)?

Welcome to my blog/website/world.

From 2007 to 2016 I worked as an independent business consultant. Besides frequent visits to the USA, I was able to visit most countries in Europe at least once (except Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Norway and Sweden).

From 2016 to August 2022, I have been working for a large consulting firm in the areas of forensic investigations and risk management. I am currently involved in project management of the digital transformation of complex processes in the public sector.

My contact details are: πŸ“§ devondenumbre[at]icloud[dot]com. I am not registered on any social media.


COMPUTERS – As a kid I started with an Atari 520ST, found my religion in everything from Apple and was always addicted to anything portable fitting in the palm of a hand. Actually my first 'Apple' was a Spectre GCR hardware emulator for the Atari Mega ST, with Macintosh ROM modules. My first real own Macintosh was the original Portable (no backlight) that was given to me, when Apple introduced the MacBook 100.

I kind of miss my favourite devices from the past: Palm IIIc, Macintosh IIci, Sun SPARCstation 5 – the last stable computers, that almost never crashed. (Well, unless you installed and ran TCP/IP stacks…)

FI9XJfKaIAAcVdx.jpg (My ultimate dream Macintosh envisioned by @NanoRaptor – never produced)

I use a typical government-issued laptop as my primary work device, a MacBook Air M1, an iPhone SE for work (3rd generation), and an iPhone Pro Max (12).

FOOD & FASHION – Two interests I completely share with my lovely wife. We of course both have our own favourite fashion brands, but we always agree on the same food. We are very fortunate to have some great restaurants within walking distance of our home.

2022-10-15 3161.jpg

GEAR & GUNS – This is the main topic of this blog. Collecting cool gadgets has been a long hobby of mine – I got my first MagLite around 1990 and started with my first PDA in 1996. I remember an early computer show where someone told me he always carried his AA-MagLite on his belt in a pouch – while mine (same model, same pouch) was next to the bed at home. Since that day I was hooked to everyday carry flashlights.

I try to keep the balance between what is necessary and what I want to have. As I spend most of my days in front of a computer, it gives me pleasure to admire gadgets – including various coins, flashlights and pens – and "fidget" them around in my hand. And yes, it is very true:

The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.

OUTDOOR & PHOTOGRAPHY – I walk almost daily for one hour or longer. It helps me stay calm and healthy. I try to take at least one photo per day.

2021-09-25 3035.jpg

SCI-FI – I love reading sci-fi books. The most impressive book of my life is Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. Somehow I discovered it at the right time in my life and the themes of Crypto, Startup and Philippines were spot on. My other favourite author is Daniel Suarez. My favourite classics are the The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester (published in 1953), Have Spacesuit, Will Travel by Robert A. Heinlein (published in 1958), The Forever War by Joe Haldeman (published in 1974), and of course the Dune Series by Frank Herbert.

2019-03-09 2044.jpg

I also love pulp fiction, especially The Survivalist series by Jerry Ahern, as well as novels written by Marcus Wynne and Brad Thor.


⚠️ I buy all the gadgets and gear myself, unlike sponsored reviewers. The display of these items does not constitute sponsorship. Therefore, there is nothing to sell, trade, raffle or give away. ⚠️

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