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Who is Devon de Numbre (he/him)?

Welcome to my blog/website/world. I am married to the love on my life – my wonderful wife – and together we live in Vienna/AUT. I am an experienced project and risk manager focused on change management and transformation projects in the public sector.

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I am against corruption and human rights violations, because after more than 2,000 years there are still dictatorships and (modern) slavery in most parts of the world. I consider myself an environmental and science advocate, with a mix of certain conservative values (e.g. traditional family values, no open borders). However, I will keep this blog non-political.


COMPUTERS – As a kid I started with an Atari 520ST, found my religion in everything from Apple1 and was always addicted to anything portable fitting in the palm of a hand. I kind of miss my favourite devices from the past: Palm IIIc, Macintosh IIci, Sun SPARCstation 5 – the last stable computers, that almost never crashed. (Well, unless you installed or ran TCP/IP stacks…)

FI9XJfKaIAAcVdx.jpg (My ultimate dream Macintosh envisioned by @NanoRaptor – never produced)

FOOD & FASHION – Two interests I completely share with my lovely wife. We of course both have our favourite brands, but we always agree on the same food. We are fortunate to have some great restaurants within walking distance of our home.

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GEAR – I am a collector of cool gadgets and I try to keep the balance between what is necessary and what I want to have. This is also the main topic of this blog.

OUTDOOR & PHOTOGRAPHY – I walk almost daily for one hour or longer. It helps me stay calm and healthy. I try to take at least one photo per day.

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SCI-FI – I love reading sci-fi books, especially everything from Daniel Suarez, but also classics. My favourite classics are the The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester (published in 1953), The Forever War by Joe Haldeman, and of course the Dune series by Frank Herbert. I also love me some pulp fiction, like The Survivalist series by Jerry Ahern, and novels written by Marcus Wynne and Brad Thor.

The most impressive book of my life is Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. Somehow I discovered it at the right time in my life and the themes of Crypto, Startup and Philippines were spot on. The second book that really hit me is Kill Decision.

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All material that I create on this site, unless otherwise noted, fall under the Creative Commons License. To sum it up you can do pretty much whatever you want with it so long as you credit me in such a way that you note I don’t endorse the use and you make no money off of my content. Content I use from other sites is under the copyright of the creator.

⚠️ I buy all the gadgets and gear myself, unlike sponsored reviewers. The display of these items does not constitute sponsorship. Therefore, there is nothing to sell, trade, raffle or give away. ⚠️

You can reach me by email at dippers-footing.0q at icloud dot com2.

  1. Actually my first "Apple" was a Spectre GCR hardware emulator for the Atari Mega ST, with Macintosh ROM modules. My first real own Macintosh was the original Portable (no backlight) that was given to me, when Apple introduced the MacBook 100. 

  2. Nice try! This address is not used for password recovery.