Devon de Numbre

Rant: Apple HomePod mini

I never, ever used such buggy and faulty audio devices as our four Apple HomePod mini at home. Here are the things driving me literally insane:

  • Audio volume is never synchronised across those four HomePod mini. Every trick I try is useless. Apple is all about logic interfaces but with the HomePod some GUI developer lost his brain. Yes … sure … I want every HomePod in every room on a slightly different volume:


  • If you accidentally start a HomePod mini – e.g. dusting off the device – it does not start with the same last Apple Radio station at the same volume. No, it starts with some random song at high volume!!! That makes so much sense, Apple.

  • HomePod mini appear and disappear at random. Can't connect, can't find device, no music streaming, etc.

  • Handover between MacBook and iPhones is buggy.

  • The product is full of bugs. Until recently I could not stream from my MacBook M1 and it was fixed only in the latest update.

Early mornings I listen to Apple Radio on my iPhone, because it is too complicated to just start the radio in the bathroom and kitchen. Well done, Apple, well done…

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