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Favourite everyday gear and essentials

From 2007 to 2014, I worked in business development for tactical equipment. During this period, I developed an unbridled passion for collecting tactical gear.

2008-12-06 0016.jpg (My first Usual Suspects M&G in 2008)

Since I switched gears in 2014, I've pared down my things and sold a lot. I was able to pull quite a Marie Kondo1 on myself, gifting, selling and throwing away stuff I just collected, but never really used as well.

Today I collect only the best of the best with a focus on what works for me, my environment and my needs. I throw away packaging, patches and accessories I no longer need, stickers go straight onto my MacBook. I do not care about a resale value like they do on forums. When I replace something, I gift the old version away. (The advantage of having married into a large family.)

I admit that I have a serious bag addiction. I love fancy bags, and want to rotate them as I like based on clothing, mood, and/or weather. How do you quickly rotate bags? I use pouches inside my bags. My bags are all non-tactical and I refuse anything 5.11, BlackHawk or "tacti-cool". My canvas/leather bags are in the USD 1.000 plus range, so I treat them with respect. I also use fancy leather notebooks, which I want to protect as well.

2022-02-06 2950 (Wherever I work…)

Since years I have checked out and tested various pouches. In addition to my fancy branded "fashion" pouches (e.g. my beloved Hermes Neobain), I want some every day pouches that can take some abuse and beating.

Speaking of recent trends: I have been constantly "pouch carrying" since 2007 – owned several BattleLab, Maxpedition and TAD Gear OP1 pouches – and not since the Mighty Pouch2 became a stupid IG-/YT-hashtag. Since discovering DataCrew and ZeroFeud, I do collect a bit of "Ranger Eyes" velcro-patches again. I also like to use fancy handkerchiefs to separate items in my pouches. I always hated smudge on displays and glasses, so the hanks trend was welcome.

In general I keep my home and office workplaces free of any clutter, very minimalistic and use pouches. As Peter McKinnon mentions for himself, I too have all my EDC items with me, but not on me.

№1 EDC pouch from Tactical Geek

The Block E Multifunctional EDC storage pouch is my mobile, home and office organiser. Regardless where I am, where I sit, and what device I use, this pouch contains all small items I need for my work, like short USB-C cables, a data-blocker, and one Vero Fulcrum Mini tool. I only removed the one plastic D-ring to be perfect. A small MightyHanks helps to separate and protect the items from both sides of the organiser.

2022-02-26 2977.jpg (This is without question my absolute favourite pouch, which is why I own two.)

№2 Organiser pouches from Maxpedition

I (again) have two DEP Daily Essentials Pouches – one in black for everything USB-C-related and one in grey for all my tool needs.

I now have standardised everything to USB-C cables and my chargers are from Anker and Apple only. Like Anker, Maxpedition is another favourite brand of mine from the Republic of China a.k.a. Taiwan, a small independent country in East Asia. I only removed the plastic D-rings to be perfect3.

  • The grey DEP contains my most-needed tools, including hand tools and screwdriver bits from Wera. This set-up is inspired from what Deviant Ollam would bring in his "handle most things" pouch.
  • The black DEP contains a everything I need to charge a MacBook, iPhone and my rechargable batteries.

The two DEP pouches are perfect for traveling. Whatever I need to bring, I put one or both into my luggage.

  1. See the KonMari-method. 

  2. Here is an honest review

  3. I hate plastic D-rings and key-holders in every pouch and usually cut them away. 

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