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EDC pocket litter: Dango Chained

Since the late 1990s I collect credit card cases. My first models were from Montblanc, Tumi, Versace, LV and until today many from Berluti. However, leather-based cases, pouches and wallets have a huge disadvantage: Sweating in the summer slowly ruins the leather if it is constantly carried in a jeans pocket.

The problem of sweaty leather wallets and pouches I have solved otherwise. I now only carry my apartment keys on me and nothing else. Various shoulder bags allow me this luxury and I don't care about comments like "are you wearing a murse?" I'm not the type of guy to carry around a sandwich consisting of an iPhone, sunglasses case and fat wallet in one hand and car keys in other hand.

However, I have a completely different problem: my new office is located between two floors and for the coffee kitchens, restrooms and meeting rooms I need an access card all the time. I can get breakfast in the immediate vicinity, but I constantly need a (pre-paid) credit card in addition to the access card. (At my former employer, I had a token on the keychain for all these things.) Sure, I can carry my ID card in my pocket, but I know me - I sweat, put it out on the desk, run for coffee … and forget about it. Locked out!

As an EDC aficionado, of course it was clear: I need a slim card case for two cards that I can take out of my pocket but not forget afterwards. I chose the Dango S1:

2022-08-21 3117.jpg (Psssst – it is the S1 STEALTH™ WALLET)

Aside from its stupid product name, this thin1 wallet holds 2-3 cards perfectly and I attached the bigger Dango Tether lanyards. The various Dango Sling and Dango Lanyards are actually my favorite accessories from this company and that's how I discovered them.

2022-08-21 3120.jpg (Perfect combo for super-hot-summer-days)

  1. Nothing beats the discontinued Berluti two-card holder, which is technically the thinnest card holder I own. 

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