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EDC pocket litter: Leather Symphony

I really like my Pharaoh EDC, but these things can be a bit sharp in your pocket. Of course, a Cordura or leather pouch is a good choice here, as the selection of vendors is currently very large. If you look a bit on EDC websites, YouTube channels or forums, you will quickly come across many options for EDC organizers.

I came across some nice and sturdy leather slips from dp_steelandleather through Altonaer Silber Werkstatt – and discovered "The LightSlip V2":

2022-08-27 3120.jpg (Pharaoh sleeve: Slowly it gets a nice patina…)

2022-08-22 3119.jpg The LightSlip V2; left to right: Ti-Breaker Tool, Big Idea Design Mini Bolt Action Pen and ReyLight Pineapple Mini)

I usually have no problem buying directly from retailers like Altonaer if the selection and prices (markups) are right. However, dp_steelandleather has a better selection and more options that I wanted to choose from. My choice for dp_steelandleather (also known as Daniel Pokladek – The ClipSlip) was also because in addition to the Pharaoh pouches, they also customise my favourite RayLight lamps and my Big Idea Design Mini Bolt Action Pen for organiser cases.

The LightSlip V2 can store up to four items, usually a pocket knife, a flashlight, a pen and a pry bar. I don't like pocket knives and don't use them, so my setup is very office friendly.

2022-08-22 3120.jpg (Perfect organization for my various bags)

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