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EDC pocket litter: 'Reys' of light

What is a ReyLight Pineapple? To quote Urban EDC Supply:

The ReyLight Pineapple […] is proof that we are living in the golden age of gear. Pleasingly compact, surprisingly bright, and amazingly affordable, a lighting instrument of this quality and caliber would be unimaginable just a few years ago.

I honestly couldn't have put it better. The constant quality issues in my former SureFire lights (dust spots, flickering) have led me to a new favourite brand for my everyday carry lights – ReyLight:

2022-06-02 3051.jpg (ReyLight Pineapple Brass: a solid and heavy piece)

The ReyLight flashlights are exceedingly solidly built and tuned down to the smallest detail. After a few attempts with other brands, I ended up with my preferred flashlight combination again: A good charger1, standard-size rechargeable batteries2 and lamps where parts (e.g. switches) can be replaced.

2022-07-18 3133.jpg (No idea what the buttons are for … did not r.t.f.m.)

I'm not interested in high-output lumens or candela, so the Pineapple's output at 240 (Mini) and 470 lumens are more than enough for my needs. Somehow I can't quite get my head around the current concept of built-in batteries, as is now standard with some manufacturers (e.g. RovyVon Aurora).

I must confess that I fell in love especially with the design, form and function of the Pineapple and Pineapple Mini:

2022-06-25 3089.jpg (Pineapple Titanium Stonewashed)

2022-06-08 3065.jpg (Pineapple Mini Titanium Stonewashed Smooth-Body)

  1. Nitecore UM2 Dual-Slot Charger

  2. I have always been a big fan of lithium CR123 and 18650 flashlights, but I am starting to like 10440/14500 as well. 

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