Devon de Numbre

EDC pocket litter: Hold the brass, uhm copper!

I recently added some brass and copper gadgets to my collection. Here's my current updated EDC pocket litter:

2022-03-18 2987.jpg (My three favourite toys right now: Pharaoh, Blood Moon and Lumintop)

  • PHARAOH EDC FIDGET TOY in brass: Who needs a fidget spinner? Can you do anything with it? What is it for? Lots of questions, but they didn't stop me from wanting one. The brass version feels really nice.

  • LUMINTOP EDC PIMI in copper: A totally cute little lamp, and so far the smallest USB rechargeable lamp I could find. (Smallest – not the brightest or lightest!)

  • BLOOD MOON COIN in copper: Sometimes I feel like flipping a coin. It's definitely worth having a 136,794,240:1 scale replica of the moon in your pocket. The coin usually sits on my notepad waiting to be admired. Otherwise it is protected in a Pirate Goods leather coin pouch. The two sides of a coin, the two sides of a story and the dark side of the (blood) moon.

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