Devon de Numbre

Cheat Sheet PRO

Today my valet, maintenance tray, catch all or desk caddy a/k/a "Cheat Sheet PRO" from JRW Gear came in:

2022-07-29 3125.jpg ("Spark joy")

The Cheat Sheet PRO is a bit of a hype product – or art object. JRW does, in fact, make art objects, if you look at the "Curator". However, to be fair, you get two trays in one. After removing the silicone insert, I put in the cork insert, which looks much nicer. The JRW silicone rubber tray also looks beautiful on its own and already found its permanent place on our front room dresser.

If you're looking for a pure tray, you'll be far better off with CountyComm's silicone rubber trays. It is basically the same thing and much cheaper. I also use one on my nightstand.

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