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My EDC in 2010 vs 2022

Time flies - the older you get, the faster it seems to pass. I posted a lot of EDC photos between 2009 and 2012, but most have been deleted from Flickr, IG and USN. Recently I found one in my own archives and was amazed at how much has changed and how much hasn't really:

2010-06-19 0060.jpg (My EDC in June 2010)

  1. Wallet: I still love Montblanc and still use/own many pens and one bracelet. Today my wallets are from different brands. I use Berluti card holders (2CC, 4CC and 6CC) the most.
  2. Flashlights: Today I own two SureFire flashlights, which I use in autumn/winter. However, my passion for collecting SureFire and/or custom parts is completely history. Spotty reflectors, dust behind the glass and stains on the coating are no longer worth the price to me.
  3. Pens: I lost my pen from SureFire to a Internet-forum 'buddy' who 'forgot' to wire me the money. Today, I use Lamy AL-star and Montblanc fountain pens. I take most of my notes on Bloc «R» N°16 paper and summarise later in my digital notes.
  4. Folding Tactical Knives: Not my cup of tea anymore.
  5. iPod: Somehow I miss these things. But then again, with an iPhone and wireless AirPods, I don't.
  6. Watches: The Bell&Ross BR-03-88 is still my favourite watch to this day, although a few watches have been added since 2010.
  7. Bracelets: I enjoy wearing bracelets to this day, including this titanium model. I lent it to my wife and she recently returned it to me. So it is back in my rotation of bracelets.

Today I am fascinated especially by these EDC gadgets, pocket pry bars and brass/copper coins. This is how it has evolved more than ten years later:

2022-09-24 3152.jpg (My EDC in September 2022: Yes, I really carry all these things with me but of course not everything on me.)

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