Devon de Numbre

My first "Loveless"

One of my goals is to own a Bob Loveless Chute Knife, but they are the holy grail of blade collectors. In other words, very rare, very expensive and often copied. Until then, I'll have to make do with modern replicas based on Loveless designs. That's not necessarily a bad thing! I'd rather use a beautiful $300-500 blade than a $10,000 Safe Queen.

2022-07-23 3113.jpg (Inspired by a Robert Waldorf Loveless design)

Bark River Knives are hard to come by - even harder now with exchange rates, customs fees, and steel shortages - so I decided to go with one available: The Bark River Mountaineer II CPM Cru-Wear is very nicely finished, decent with no visible quality issues and seems incredibly sturdy. Some horror stories on YouTube of snapping blades and sloppy workmanship are not comprehensible in my BRK model. Indeed this very small knife feels good in the hand and the wooden handle feels extremely good. I am usually a proponent of Micarta-and-Kydex but who can resist this classic redwood-and-leather combination.

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