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My minimalistic home-office

Working from home can be a challenge and unfortunately I am forced to do so since 2020. For quite some time I have been noticing the following effects:

  • My back and neck hurts, and I am tense, even though I walk for 1-2 hours every day. šŸ˜’
  • I work a minimum of 10 hours. šŸ˜¤
  • I still work on days off, holidays and weekends. šŸ¤Æ

Not good! To alleviate these three problems somewhat, I made a few rearrangements and also found professional help with a fantastic physical therapist. My new workstation is a dresser (much like standing table), which has the perfect level for my notebook:

2022-04-07 3009.jpg

Standing - I try to stand at least 70% - really helps, and I take more short breaks now. Of course, there's not much room on a dresser. That's why I've reduced my office - whether at home, at my desk at work, at a client's office, or in a meeting room - to the following:

COMPUTER ā€“ I only use my company laptop during the day and only my MacBook Air in the evening or for private use. Since my data and notes are synced, this works. See Text only: Keeping it plain... for more details. Most awesome advantage of this new setup: Due the lamp on the dresser behind my laptop ā€“ a bright spot shining on the white wall ā€“ I finally have perfect lightening for my conference calls.

KEYBOARD ā€“ My primary is a Keychron K3 mechanical keyboard. Best. Keyboard. Ever! Bonus: It charges via USB-C.

MOUSE ā€“ Like Peter McKinnon, Jeremy Siers, Exlibristudio and many others, I love and use a Logitech MX Master 3 wireless mouse exclusively. I even have a hard-shell travel case for this mouse because I take it everywhere. Bonus: It charges via USB-C.

PHONE ā€“ My iPhone 12, AirPods Pro and mophie magnetic portable stand are always by my side.

PEN & PAPER ā€“Ā A Bloc "R" NĀ°16 paper pad and one or two fountain pens (Lamy LX or Montblanc) are always at the ready.

2022-02-18 2962

SPEAKERPHONES ā€“ The Anker PowerConf S330 is my preferred conference-call speakerphone for conference calls (fully replacing my former PowerConf S3). Bonus: Works just great via USB-C.

STAND ā€“ The NexStand helps me to elevate my laptop at home only.

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