Devon de Numbre

My Top Ten YouTube Channels

I really enjoy looking at reviews on YouTube and have been wanting to put this list together for a long time. For me, it often takes 5-7 videos before I really like a channel. A lot also depends on the appearance, the voice and the intention behind it.

My focus is on everyday carry and good gear:

  1. Forgotten Weapons: Ian McCollum just has a great way of explaining interesting historical weapons and their manufacturers.
  2. Rock Island Auction Company: The catalogs and videos from RAIC are simply fantastic. Anyone interested in historical figures and their guns will find what they are looking for here.
  3. Chooch tech: Cool dude who likes monowheels and good EDC gear.
  4. NotoriousEDC: More a podcast than just reviews. However, Tom Medvedich has a great sense for good design of knives and fidget toys. I wish he would post more often.
  5. Best Damn EDC: People who make paid videos about sponsored everyday gear on YouTube usually annoy me. Taylor Martin scratches the curve between embarrassing and professional extremely well. Through him I have discovered some brands like JRW and NotoriousEDC.
  6. bigheadtaco: A bit annoying in his way (click-click-click) but very good camera (bag) reviews.
  7. Jeremy Siers: Coffee, whiskey, cigars and good gear - what more could one want? The bonus is his great voice and perfect speaking. (Something that I unfortunately miss with many EDC reviewers.)
  8. imigram: A Japanese collector of bags who produces very good reviews. His reviews are completely without words.
  9. Peter McKinnon: Another highly annoying and sponsored social media professional on YouTube. However, Peter McKinnon also manages the impossible and is often funny or highly informative.
  10. RedWolf EDC: You either like or hate Kyle J. Lanphere. I find his comments about forum trolls spot on and his blade reviews honest.
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