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My top everyday bags


What does a modern man look like today? He wears a suit and always carries his cell phone, an ultra-thin credit card case, a cloth handkerchief, one single (!) housekey and one car fob. If necessary, he should also have a band-aid, a little Swiss knife, tissues for snotty children's noses, and much more. Well, there is a big difference between the image portrait in the media and the reality. Who doesn't know them, the employees in sweaty suits, with keys creating baggy trouser pockets and horrible laptop bags from Dell or IBM.

There's a simple solution: men should be allowed to carry handbags and shouldn't have to lug everything around in a Ford Explorer 150. Unfortunately, that doesn't quite fit into the tiny brains of our modern fashion experts and the world of Trumpism. Handbags are gay, pickups are cool. What do our fashion and style experts say about men's bags? This does not work, looks so bad, this is a no-go (Nooo-gooo!) and only a tourist wears something like this.

Fashion designers can kiss my ass anyway: things that have worked for 20 years are suddenly out, and grungy things that no normal person would wear anymore are totally hip. In the 80s I was the dork of the class with a fanny pack, today no fashion house can do without one 'bum bag' model.


Meet the messenger bag: The 'social' solution that men's handbags are not called murses.

In my previous professional life, I liked Tumi bags. I find Tumi bags generally heavy and design-wise kind of outdated. Due to my preference of Italian and French brands, I ended up with the following favorite bags - with one extreme slip: my third favorite bag comes from Taiwan.

I would like to present only bags that I have been using for at least over a year. These three bags have really stood the test of time.

№1 Messenger (crossbody) bag

2022-06-24 3088.jpg

Mr. Berluti was once an Italian shoemaker in Paris and the brand is now part of the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) group. For a while, the strategy was to place Berluti as a masculine alternative next to Louis Vuitton, which has gone pretty wrong the past few years. Not every man likes neon colored t-shirts with pink patterns. Fortunately in 2022, Berluti has returned to its roots and is once again making men's shoes, apparel and accessories for its core audience: dark colours, classic Scritto pattern and not too many bells and whistles.

This is the bag I always come back to no matter how many other bags I own. It fits relatively much, even an umbrella (small) or water bottle (<1l). Two separate compartments give access to a credit card case and small items. This messenger bag can be worn comfortably in the front or back, which is a definite advantage on public transportation. Although the bag does not have its own handle, it can be carried very comfortably in the hand via the strap. This is an advantage on particularly hot and humid days. On top of that, the bag is very discreet and does not immediately stand out.

Unfortunately, I cannot link directly to this bag because the model is no longer available. This is the advantage and disadvantage of fashion houses like Berluti.

№2 Bum bag (fanny pack)

2021-06-12 2695.jpg

Many know Moncler for its winter jackets, but I am a huge fan of Moncler windbreakers, rain jackets, long-sleeved t-shirts and its bags. I especially like FRGMT, Moncler's collaboration with fashion designer Hiroshi Fujiwara.

The Durance is the best bum bag I have ever owned. Very spacious with two separate compartments but not too big. Weatherproof and also very discreet. When it's raining or snowing, this is my favorite bag.

№3 Travel/Camera bag

2021-12-27 2906.jpg

Some of my most favourite items from abroad originate the Republic of China a.k.a. Taiwan, a small independent country in East Asia. WotanCraft like Maxpedition makes outstanding bags and accessories. While I like Maxpedition just for its pouches, I like WotanCraft for the excellent Pilot bag.

If you're looking for a sturdy bag for all your gear, you'll find it with the Pilot in 7 liters. However, this bag is more of a functional bag than a fashion bag. It does not fit a Macbook or iPad, which I gladly accept. No matter on what trips, the Pilot is always with me. The Pilot is very discreet and extremely functional. I removed the included dividers and just fill the Pilot with pouches. This gives me more freedom of space and a modularity that is second to none.

2021-11-05 2873.jpg

I like to use the Alpaka Zip Pouch Max in combination with the Pilot, which allows me ultimate modularity. The Zip Pouch Max fits exactly into the Pilot without its strap and is works inside as a space-saving organiser. I store the Alpaka strap in an outer pocket of the Pilot. Technically, both – Alpaka or WotanCraft – use the same lock on its shoulder straps.

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