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Perfect gear: Block E Multifunctional EDC pouch

The Tacticalgeek Block E Multifunctional EDC pouch is one of my favourite pouches but I did not use everyday until recently.

2022-11-06 3183.jpg

A few days re-evaluated the contents of two other smaller pouches, simplified and put everything that was left in the Block E pouch, making it my primary EDC pouch:

2022-11-06 3184.jpg

Whenever I change my primary bag, I now bring my Block E pouch and a few other items (Airpods, flashlight, wallet, etc.). Always with me are:

  • AAA/10440 rechargable battery
  • Adhesive bandages (not pictured)
  • Extrema Ratio TK Tool 2.0 (not pictured)
  • Fountain pen cartridge in a protective vial
  • Mighty Mini Geological Survey hanks
  • The James Brand Abbey (tiny safe-for-work blade)
  • Tweezers (not pictured)
  • USB-C data-blocker cable
  • USB-C-to-Lightening adapter & cable
  • Various tools
  • Vero Engineering Mini Fulcrum plus extra bits
  • Visconti Homo Sapiens pen (almost unbreakable due to resin and Lava powder)

I've also given up on my ZeroFeud Compact Utility Pouch for good because it's another example of very sloppy done, but super-hyped as "Made in the USA" on social networks. It's really hard for me to admit it, but I avoid more and more American-made products and prefer Chinese/Taiwanese versions instead. It started with replacing SureFire flashlights and continues with CORDURA pouches.

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