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EDC pocket litter a/k/a pocket trash

Collecting cool gadgets has been a long hobby of mine. As I spend most of my days in front of a computer, it gives me pleasure to admire gadgets – including various coins and pens – and "fidget" them around in my hand. And yes, it is very true: "The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys."

Disclaimer: I have a really hard time to classify objects around hunderd dollars as "trash", so I will use pocket litter instead. I prefer "luxury precision goods" (J. L. Lawson & Co.) but as usual d*** Americans find everything trashy…

2022-01-31 2981.jpg (My three favourite toys right now: Fulcrum Mini, TK Tool and Andorra Eagle)

  • At the end of 2021 I bought the TK Tool 2.0 from Extrema Ratio, which I use as a pry bar only. It is made from Boehler N690 steel and is my first choice for opening packages, removing stones from shoes, scraping things away, etc. Some recommend a pry bar instead of a pocket knife because you don't dirty the blade with sticky packing tape. Since I don't own/carry pocket knives or folding knives, that makes a lot of sense. [Update 2022-03-20: The TK is with me every single day.]

  • At the end of January 2022 I discovered the Fulcrum Mini from Vero Engineering, which costs twice as much as the TK, but is made of titanium. Honestly, the Fulcrum is nice to have, but I don't see the actual benefit of owning one. The Fulcrum is over-hyped and I would definitely recommend an uncoated pry bar like the TK2 instead. The weight of the TK2 definitely leaves no doubt, you can exert force with it.

  • The Andorra Eagle 2014 1oz. copper coin is my "fidget toy" of choice, when I am stuck in long conference calls. Tossing this coin is particularly impressive, as it weighs significantly more than a silver ounce.

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