Devon de Numbre

Photoset: The forgotten houses series

Starting with the first Corona-/CoVid-19-lockdown in March 2020, my wife and I started to explore our neighbourhood street by street. Our short walks got longer and longer each day. Here are pictures I took of forgotten, lapsed or unfinished houses.

2022-07-09 3107.jpg

2022-07-09 3108.jpg

2022-07-09 3110.jpg

2022-06-29 3100.jpg

2022-03-23 2983.jpg

2022-06-09 3069.jpg

2022-01-20 2974.jpg

2021-12-04 3123.jpg

2020-11-17 2739.jpg

2021-11-05 3099.jpg

2020-09-14 2631.jpg

2021-10-11 3065.jpg

2021-10-08 3060.jpg

2021-06-13 2917.jpg

2021-03-28 2855.jpg

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