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ReyLight x MankerLight Striker

It's no secret that the ReyLight Pineapple (full-size) is my absolute favorite flashlight. The small compact light has a great user interface (Bistro firmware) and the 14500 batteries (AA Lithium-Ion) are very convenient.

In this day and age, there are always more awesome and brighter lamps somewhere else, but for my daily EDC I want to stay true to the ReyLight brand. But when ReyLight teams up with MankerLight for a limited edition collaboration, it's almost like peanut butter and chocolate: The ReyLight x MankerLight Striker features a Luminus SFT-40 high power white LED with a maximum beam intensity of 62.500 Candela (2.300 lumens) and maximum beam distance of 500 meters.

I tried my Striker in the vineyards and I'm totally fascinated: spot on!

2022-11-23 3195.jpg (Remember the Paul Kim Porcupines?)

The workmanship is perfect and the stone-washed titanium fits perfectly into the overall look of the ReyLight family. The Striker uses rechargable 18650 cells only and one USB-C-rechargable battery is already included.

After a few days of using it early mornings, I can only say that the ReyLight x MankerLight Striker is simply a fantastic light.

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